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Total Mobility handbook [PDF, 472 KB]

Total Mobility is a door to door national transport scheme involving disability support agencies, taxi companies and local government. The scheme is designed to increase the mobility of people with disabilities, to allow equitable access to the community.

In the Waikato region, there are schemes operating in Hamilton, Taupo and Tokoroa - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

The scheme provides a 50 per cent discount on taxi fares up to a maximum subsidy for eligible participants. Participants in the scheme are assessed for impairment and if they are eligible to receive the discount, they will receive books of vouchers and an identification card. Currently the subsidy is funded by central government via NZ Transport Agency (60 per cent) and by ratepayers (40 per cent). The ratepayers' portion of the cost is obtained via the district council concerned or via a special rate from Waikato Regional Council (Hamilton). 

Scheme improvements

On 1 October, 2013, the following improvements were made to Waikato’s Total Mobility scheme:

  • More people have become eligible for the scheme, including children and people who live in rest homes.
  • The town boundary travel restrictions have been lifted and replaced with a maximum subsidised fare:
    Each voucher entitles the user to a 50 per cent discount, up to a maximised fare amount: 
    • In Hamilton this is $30 per trip ($15 discount).
    • In Taupo this is $25 ($12.50 discount).
    • In Tokoroa this is $15 ($7.50 discount).
    For example in Hamilton, this means that if the fare is $35, the voucher can be used for $15, and the user will need to pay the taxi driver $20. If the total fare is less than the maximum subsidised fare, the 50 per cent discount still applies.

Who is eligible for Total Mobility?

The scheme is open to people of all ages living within the city or town boundaries of Hamilton, Tokoroa or within the defined Total Mobility zone as specified by Taupo District Council. People living in residential care facilities such as rest homes, and children are eligible for the scheme.

People who use the scheme must have a physical, intellectual, psychological, sensory or neurological disability that prevents them from undertaking any one or more of the following five components of a journey unaccompanied on a bus, train or ferry in a safe and dignified manner:

  • Get to the place from where the transport departs
  • Get on to the transport
  • Ride securely
  • Get off the transport
  • Get to the final destination

The disability can be permanent, temporary (has lasted, or is expected to last for six months or more) or fluctuating (able to use public transport some, but not all of the time).

These are the sorts of disabilities which would qualify for Total Mobility:

  • if you're unable to walk to the nearest bus stop or get on and off a bus because of pain, respiratory problems, inability to see or hear, you rely on complex walking aids or if you need someone else's help to get around
  • total loss of or severe impairment of vision which means you can't use public transport alone
  • intellectual or psychiatric disabilities which may mean you need help from someone else.

How do I know if I am eligible?

You will need to contact one of the Total Mobility agencies listed below and undergo an eligibility assessment to ensure you meet the present regional requirement.

Please call the agency in your region to make an enquiry and appointment if appropriate.

Total Mobility agencies


Agency Address Phone number
Age Concern P O Box 595
(07) 378 9712 
07) 378 0953 Fax
Arthritis Foundation
(area office services Taupo)
PO Box 1336
07 348 5121
CCS Disability Action  
(area office services Taupo)

PO Box 2148,Tauranga

(07) 5780063
IDEA Services PO Box 595 
(07) 378 1328 
(07) 348 1451
The Blind Foundation 
(area office services Taupo)
PO Box 15114 
(07) 5782376


Agency Address Phone Number
Arthritis Foundation
NB: This agency does not have an assessor for Total Mobility. 
They only supply replacement voucher books. 
Please contact another agency.
P O Box 9109 
55 London Street 
0800 663 463
CCS Disability Action Organisation P O Box 272 
Claudelands Rd 
(07) 853 9761
LIFE Unlimited P O Box 146 
20 Palmerston Street 
(07) 839 5506
Epilepsy Association
NB: This agency does not have an assessor for Total Mobility. They only supply replacement voucher books. Please contact another agency.
P O Box 683 
Vialou Street 
(07) 838 1433
IDEA Services 
(was IHC)
P O Box 750 
2 Von Tempsky Street
(07) 839 4802
Parkinsons Society PO Box 14154 
18 Rotokauri Road
(07) 849 5281
The Blind Foundation  PO Box 854 
Caro Street 
(07) 839 2266
Stroke Foundation P.O. Box 27112
Garnett Avenue
Hamilton 3257
(07) 849 2065
MS Waikato Trust
NB: This agency does not have an assessor for Total Mobility. They only supply replacement voucher books. Please contact another agency.
P O Box 146 
20 Palmerston Street 
(07) 834 4740


Agency Address Phone Number
South Waikato Pacific Islands Health Committee 
Assessment Agency
P.O. Box 564
(07) 886 0010
Distributors of replacement voucher books
Tulloch House 
Tokoroa Hospital 
Maraetai Road
(07) 886 8277 
extension 0
Monday to Friday

Do I need to provide evidence of my disability?
You may need to provide evidence of your disability if the assessor doesn’t know your history. The assessor will get your permission to gather more information about your disability so you can be properly assessed. Give them the name of your caregiver, ACC assessor, GP, specialist, physiotherapist, psychiatrist, social worker or occupational therapist. Without more information you may not be able to participate in the scheme.

What happens once I’ve applied?
Your application will be evaluated and be processed by the Waikato Regional Council to ensure you meet the criteria to become a Total Mobility user.

If your application is successful you will receive a photo ID card and a book of vouchers to get you started at no charge. However should you lose your ID card, your replacement card will cost $10.00 payable to the Waikato Regional Council.

A Total Mobility Management Committee can make the final decision about whether a person is eligible for membership if there’s a dispute.

It takes about two to three weeks to register a successful applicant and issue a photo ID card.

Can I use Total Mobility if I get other financial assistance?
Total Mobility taxi vouchers may only be used for journeys that are not covered by travel income or assistance from another official source. Using financial assistance as well as vouchers – ‘double-dipping’ – is not permitted.

Tell your assessor if you get travel income or assistance from another source or what journeys you get financial assistance for. You may not be eligible for Total Mobility if you get other general financial assistance.

Other regions

Total Mobility also operates in other areas.  You can use your vouchers in:

  • Whangarei
  • Auckland
  • Hamilton
  • Tokoroa
  • Taupō
  • Bay of Plenty, including Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Te Puke, Whakatane and Rotorua
  • Gisborne
  • Napier and Hastings
  • Palmerston North
  • New Plymouth
  • Wellington
  • Nelson
  • Blenheim
  • Greymouth
  • Christchurch
  • Dunedin
  • Invercargill
  • Christchurch

Before you board a taxi in another region ensure you confirm with the driver that they are an area approved Total Mobility provider and will accept your voucher.  If not you will need to check with another taxi provider.

Find out more information on Total Mobility providers throughout New Zealand.(external link)

Taxi companies

Due to the importance of quality customer service for Total Mobility users, contracts are entered into with the regional council and appropriate taxi service providers, with a view of seeking quality.

When able, please ring and pre-book taxis, letting them know you are a Total Mobility user. Vehicles with a wheelchair hoist must always be booked in advance.

The following taxi companies participate in the Total Mobility scheme:


Hamilton Taxis Phone 8477 477 or 0800 477 477

Red Cabs Phone 839 3939

Trikiso Buses Ltd Phone 07 847 2203 or 0800 874 547.  Bookings preferred. 

Yellow Cabs Phone 07 847 9469 or 0800 479 469

Driving Miss Daisy – Hamilton East: 07 856 8865 or 0800 948 432. Bookings required. This service has a wheelchair accessible vehicle available – ramp access only.

Driving Miss Daisy – Hamilton West: 07 856 0112 or 0800 948 432. Bookings required.


Tokoroa Taxi Society Phone 07 886 6099 - Please note there is no wheelchair hoist vehicle available.


Great Lake Taxis Phone 07 377 8990

Taupo Taxis Phone 07 378 5100


To place feedback on the Total Mobility scheme, please call Waikato Regional Council on 0800 800 401.

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