Frequently asked questions

We've put together some answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. 

Topping up

How can you top up?

You can top up at the Transport Centre with cash or eftpos or on the bus with just cash, the minimum amount for top-up is $10.00. If you are topping up on the bus it is best to have the exact amount that you wish to top up by.


Can I top up $5?

No the minimum amount for a top up is $10.


Can I get cash out at the BUSIT Counter?

We do not provide cash out at our counter. There is an ATM available in the Transport Centre however you can pay for your BUSIT card and top up via credit card/eftpos/visa at the BUSIT counter.


Lost Property 

I’ve left something on the bus, how can I get it back?

A - If you have left something on the bus, we can try get it back to you. Lost property found by bus drivers gets dropped into the Transport Centre the following day. You can call us on 07 859 0509 and we can see if we have your lost property in storage. If we do not, we will get your contact details and a description of your lost item(s).



Do I buy the regional tickets at the BUSIT counter?

No, if you are wanting to go on one of our regional buses you have to purchase your ticket on the bus with cash straight to the driver or use your BUSIT card on the bus.


Can I pay for two fares with one card?

Absolutely! Let the driver know you are wanting to purchase two tickets, you will need to put your card on the machine in the bus twice, as each ticket is printed.


Can I pay half my fare with cash and the other half with a BUSIT Card?

Unfortunately no, you have to pay your full fare in whole with either cash, or just the BUSIT card,



What happens if you lose your BUSIT card?

You must come into the Transport Centre with your proof of purchase receipt (the receipt you receive when you first purchase your BUSIT card). This is not available you must provide your 3 most recent bus tickets containing the same card number.


What is the cost of a BUSIT card?

A new BUSIT card costs $15 (non-refundable), this is $5 for the card and includes $10.00 credit to start with. You cannot buy the card on its own without the minimum $10 credit.


Do children have a separate BUSIT card?

No, all adult and child BUSIT cards are the same, children will be charged a child fare and adults an adult fare. A child fare applies to children aged 5-14 or enrolled high school students with approved school ID, or if school uniform. Children under 5 years travel free.


I no longer need my bus card. Can I get a refund from the remaining credit on our BUSIT cards?

Unfortunately, no. We cannot give refunds at all. Please only top up the amount you use. 



Who gets the student discount?

Wintec and University of Waikato students/staff receive a 30% discount on their adult BUSIT card fare when showing their Wintec or University of Waikato ID card. There are no other tertiary discounts.


I am a tertiary student not studying at either Wintec or the University of Waikato. How come I do not get the student discount?

Tertiary fares are subsidised by the education providers. If you are ineligible for the discount, it is because your tertiary provider does not make up the rest of the costs for your school.


Who gets the Free Youth Weekend Travel?

Anyone 18 years and under with valid ID. This is only in the weekend.

60 + Cards

What is a 60+ card?

60+ cards are a BUSIT card for people between the age of 60 and 65. These cards give these card holders a discounted fare. If you are 65 or over and are an NZ citizen you will be eligible for a SuperGold card.


What is the fare price with a 60+ card?

Within the city boundary the fare is $1.70. The 60+ card discount applies Monday-Friday between the hours of 9AM – 3PM, and all day Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. Outside of these hours you will be the normal adult fare of $2.40 – you do not need a normal BUSIT card as well. Please let your driver know you have a 60+ Card for them to charge you the correct fare.


Do I get a discount using my 60+ card on the regional routes?

Unfortunately, no. 60+ discount only applies to buses within the Hamilton boundary, not the regional ones as well.


SuperGold Cards

When can I travel free on my SuperGold card?

Free Gold Card travel applies Monday-Friday between the hours of 9AM – 3PM, and 6:30pm till close of service and all day Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. Outside of these hours.


Does my SuperGold card work on all bus routes?

Absolutely. As long as you are travelling between the hours specified, you can use your SuperGold card on both the Hamilton and Regional routes


Airport Bus

Are there buses to the Hamilton airport?

No we do not organise any buses to the Hamilton Airport; this would have to be organised externally.


Journey Planning

Trying to find the right bus for your journey?

Check out our website journey planner on our homepage at We also have a free real time bus application that is invaluable for journey planning. This app is called Transit and is available on the app store for Apple and Android.
There are also maps for each bus route in the timetables.


How do I know if the bus is running late?

We have ‘real time’ bus stop poles popping up around the city. Alternatively, we have the ‘Transit App’ which you can download onto your smartphone. It has real time GPS tracking of our buses and gives you accurate arrival times.


Catching the bus

Do I have to signal the bus or will it stop for me?

It is important that you stand at the bus stop and signal to the driver to ensure that they stop for you.


Do you have WiFi on the buses?

Some of our buses do have WiFi! Each device has an allowance of 20 meg per day.


Do all the buses have USB charging ports?

Unfortunately, not all buses. Around half of our buses have charging ports.


Bike racks

Do all buses have bike racks?

The only buses that have bike racks are our buses that travel on the regional routes.