23 Raglan bus route and timetable changes

Thank you for choosing to use the Raglan bus this year and all the feedback that has been provided on how we can improve the service.  We’ve been thrilled with the number of passengers travelling on our buses so far, and need to make some route and timetable amendments to ensure we can get you all where you need to go, on time.


From Monday 4 March, the following changes will take place:


23 Raglan double decker route and timetable changes

  • The double decker will now start and finish at the corner of Te Hutewai and Wainui Roads in Raglan West.
  • The bus will now leave at 6.50am from here and travel via the fire station at 6.55 am. Please note the earlier start!
  • This bus also now travels via Store Rd in Whatawhata in both directions.


23 Raglan timetable changes - single decker

  • Hamilton to Raglan – the 8.10am bus will now leave 20 minutes later at 8.30am.
  • Raglan to Hamilton – the 9.30am bus will now leave 20 minutes later at 9.50am.


Raglan assist route and timetable changes

The Raglan Assist will now leave Raglan at 6.45am from Wainui Rd – 10 minutes earlier than currently.

The Raglan Assist no longer travel to Maeroa Intermediate in the mornings and afternoons:

  • Students who wish to travel to Maeroa Intermediate in the morning will need to switch to the Whatawhata Assist in Whatawhata.
  • Those who wish to travel to Raglan in the afternoon will need to take the Whatawhata Assist from Maeroa Intermediate and switch to the Raglan Assist service at Whatawhata.


Whatawhata assist route change

This bus now travels via Maeroa Intermediate in both directions.


Hamilton map:

Raglan bus - Hamilton map

Raglan Map:

Raglan bus - Raglan map

Whatawhata Map:

Raglan bus - Whatawhata map

Affected bus routes: