We’re improving reliability on the Orbiter

A new Orbiter timetable has been introduced in response to the Orbiter passenger survey last year which aimed to find out what was working well, and what could be improved with the service.

First step was fixing the Orbiter stop buttons – which are now checked daily and replaced immediately if faulty. From a service perspective passengers told us they were unhappy with the timetable and that the reliability needed to be improved. They also told us they wanted more buses at peak times.

The new timetable includes buses running every 15 minutes in the morning peaks Monday to Friday, and extra buses will run in the afternoon school times to increase capacity and improve service reliability. This is particularly relevant for users of the anti-clockwise Orbiter buses that run from Sacred Heart, HBHS and other schools towards Chartwell, Rototuna, Flagstaff and Pukete in the afternoons. There will be an additional two buses permanently included in the timetable at these times.

We’ve changed the times of Orbiter services throughout the day, so please check the new timetable here. Printed copies of the timetable are available on buses and at the Transport Centre.

Click for the clockwise or anti-clockwise orbiter route.

Click here for the anti-clockwise orbiter route Click here for the clockwise orbiter route

Click on the images above to go to the clockwise or anti-clockwise Orbiter route.

Printed timetables are available on Orbiter buses or from the Transport Centre.

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